Telehandler Training & Fork Lift Training

The Telehandler program is suitable for all makes of telehandlers (extended reach ForkLifts)

Course Objective:

This forklift driver training program is designed to meet the needs of telehandler operators, regardless of brand. The course is ideal for all telehandler operators as it is designed to reinforce the importance of proper telehandler safety and handling techniques. The program focuses on these principles:

  • Provincial and National Safety Standards
  • Theory and Hands-on Instruction
  • Controls and Functions
  • Steering and Maneuverability
  • Proper Machine Inspection>
  • Fueling internal combustion powered telehandlers
  • Safe Load Handling Techniques
  • Stability Principles

Course Structure:

This comprehensive forklift driver training program consists of the following:

  • Classroom forklift driver training on the theory of telescopic handler operation.
  • Hands on operation.
  • Performance by the participant of the following:
  • Daily inspection procedure.
  • Site inspection for hazards.
  • Demonstration of safe operation of the machine.
  • Completion of a quiz on all aspects of the operation of the telehandler as well as the regulations relating to the safe operation of the equipment.


Safety Awareness for Forklift Equipment (Toyota’s ForkLift Safety Training)
Mobile Safety Training offers a complete Forklift Operator Safety Training Program that complies with OHS & OSHA Regulations. ForkLift Truck Training programs cover the safe operation of all types of diesel, electric and propane counterbalance fork lifts, reach trucks, order pickers, platform scissor lift such as Clark forklifts, Toyota forklifts, Crown forklifts, Nissan forklifts, Yale forklifts, Komatsu fork lift
Our Certified Forklift Safety Trainers are skilled at customizing a ForkLift Safety Training program for your specific needs. ForkLift Safety Training can be conducted at our facility or at your place of work. Our certified trainers will instruct fork lift truck operator training and or operator evaluations anywhere in North America.

Our Training Objective

All ForkLift Truck Training / ForkLift Truck Operator Evaluation review will involve the following: All operators completing the “Training and or Recertification Process ” will have successfully completed “concepts of safe & efficient driving” training. Each operator of an industrial forklift truck will be evaluated in the safe and efficient use of the forklift truck. Training conducted at your workplace allows for an evaluation under the conditions operators will be required to operate their industrial fork lift truck; the fork lift training or recertification may be completed at place of work or at our Training Center. Upon successful completion of the driver operator training program, participants will be “Certified”. Safety First Training follows Ministry of Labour GuideLines, CSA Standards and as per the OHSA Act Training requirements.
All Operators will have to successfully complete a written quiz and demonstrate practical skills of the following:

  • Pre shift Inspection
  • Safe Operation of the Fork Lift
  • Placement and Removal of Pallets in Rack
  • Safe Lift and Travel Skills
  • Safe Parking Procedures
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange
  • Electric Battery Safe Handling

You Will Learn

Theory In class

1. Lift truck Introduction / OHSA / Employer Responsibility
2. Question and Answers Open Forum
3. Videos Fork Lift Truck Safety / Operation
4. Daily check list explained and reviewed
5. Video Pedestrian Safety
6. Lift truck Battery / Propane Training
7. Overheads / Review Support
8. Written Test / Knowledge / Review / Corrected

Demonstration Skills

1. Daily Vehicle Check List
2. Fork Lift Truck Battery / Propane Cylinder Exchange Training
3. Fork Lift Truck Operational Skills
4. Fork Lift Truck Demonstration Skills Testing
5. Certification Presentation to Qualified Participants